A place that celebrates the most human stories!

A place that celebrates the most human stories!
Enjoy the NBA poo chronicles from the Scientists of 100POP. 100POP created this research in excitement for the launch of its first official POO STORY set for April 1st.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Constipated Chris Bosh

There is no denying it! Chris Bosh is a nerd in a leather jacket and fancy sunglasses, hanging out with two great players and trying to do what comes easy to them, be cool.  The affect is infinitely awkward, like fat people in skinny jeans that don’t cover their asses. 
We think that in an attempt to attain acceptance from the Republic of Cool, Bosh frightfully denies his body any type of movement that may deemed “uncool”. For this reason we think he is often constipated, kind of like his play this year.  However, when this all star does drop a little poop, we are quite sure the stature is quite uninspiring.
This is why we at 100POP  employ him to drop the act. Be the hard working, quasi nerd and nice guy that got you places before you tried to be something you are not. Only then will you reach your true poo potential.  American Standard and toilets around the world support this. My bet is the bigger and stinkier his dumps are, the better his Fantasy appeal is.

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